Rethinking schools and learning in the 21st century (1)

Normally I am not a live blogger … now let us have a try. I am at BETAHAUS | SALON #3 UNIVERSITY 2.0 – the reinvention of higher education in the 21st century. Listening to very interesting new perspectives about teaching and learning.

We just heard Dale J. Stephens, founder of the UnCollege movement. He questions whether university is necessary to learning and personal development, and is challenging the high costs of college. Surprise for the skeptic: There is some statistical evidence that the absence of traditional school system is not the worst thing.

Hannes Kloepper, M.P.P. is cofounder of iversity, an academic collaboration platform and educational startup near Berlin.  Book upcoming in March 2012: Die Universität im 21. Jahrhundert

Dr. Stephan Breidenbach, founding Dean of Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance, recognises the pressing need for universities to stay relevant, and is actively working on reforming the way in which knowledge is  created and shared at the university.

Debate / learnings

Now the debate has started and my first learning is that we have to be more radical in rethinking. We have to approach the “operating system” of the whole society and economy. Some basic concepts: The need of assessment and certification in a mobile world.

Question of power arises. It is about legitimation discourses and changing them. And if an institution is a system to stabilize itself how then can we have change in the instittuions? Can we (paradoxically) institutionalize transformation?

Hey, stop, an idea: Look for this in the economy (much more evolution power, mutation rate there than in the rest of society, you know Schumpeter …).

Update …. Companies, when the reach a certain size, usually create functional units for transformation (innovation department, R&D …) – or they even do open innovation, externalizing the innovation beyond the borders of the company.

Ideas from the debate now: Why not have cinemas for TED? Inspired for action.

Some video closely related to the discussion.
University 2.0 – Sebastian Thrun (DLD 2012)

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3 thoughts on “Rethinking schools and learning in the 21st century (1)

  1. Hi there, is it you Willi? ‘TranscendentMan’ at TU Dresden – in full classrooms with 500 viewers, every other week with intense conversation, dialogue and DIY/ hackethons afterwards – my first vision to become true in Dresden. It may be a long way as despite the fact Ray Kurzweil was in Dresden in June 2010, in early 2011 nobody remembered him and his groundbreaking work around “The Singularity is Near” – Time to reboot.

  2. Yes, currently I am the author here – delivering some content for the social foresight _network_, which is in the making. I have some roadmap. E.g. there is the Facebook page in the moment with 200+ fans. – I just found that my response to you getting longer and longer – I will make another post with the ideas … Concerning the TU Dresden action: Great! But you know, I have my reservations with the Kurzweilian world-view.

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