Leveraging the social energies, building the “glocal”


Building digital spaces for self-organisation

In 2012 I have been part of the endeavour to facilitate the emergence of a network, the Living Bridges Planet – actually the open facebook group is approaching now the 3.500 mark in member size. Bert-Ola Bergstrand (Social Capital Forum, Gothenberg) initiated the facebook group during the process of Social Capital World Forum 2012 and I was part of the little facilitation team, responsible to conceive and build the architecture. Step by step a working digital ecosystem of social media and platforms for connecting, conversation and collaboration emerged. Here is the current mind map of the ecosystem – with facebook, wordpress and G+/youtube as the main pillars: LIVING BRIDGES Planet – Mind Map (bit.ly/livingbridgesmap)

LIVING BRIDGES Planet - mind map of core ecosystem
LIVING BRIDGES Planet ecosystem in early stage


Images above are taken from the Chicago event and EduLab hangouts in 2012. livingbridgesplanet.wordpress.com

Understanding “social capital” + how to create and connect spaces

In the last 12 months I made much progress in understanding the social dynamics, the mental, cultural and the technnological side of it. Not to be too narrow, I am experimenting use the expression “social energies”. This term is  broader than “social capital”, and less loaden with debate. Finally it is more in the spirit of resilience thinking or postive psychology – as I have noticed the expressions “social capital” and “social ressources” sound a bit extractive for some.

There have been these short posts about the learnings so far.

Finetuning the social process design for glocal engagement
After the Chicago event as a debut in “organizing glocality” with a certain size, the LBP facilitation team is now approaching the second opportunity: “Celebrating the Future – Empowering Youth” in Oslo – August 5, 2013. This occasion encouraged me to create kind of introduction into the concept and basic process design of glocal events.



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