When will the stealth mode of Social Foresight Network end?

Currently I am working on a lot of structures and contents in the background. Ok, one can fill a blog or wiki incrementally, but this has some downsides. E.g. visitors being “not impressed” if there is not much and not fresh content – they literally will forget the blog very fast in our times of short attention span. My idea is to have a kind of “big bang” at the beginning, so that people come back with a legitimate expectation of a real benefit of this site. Trivial, isn’t it? – But the time to end the “hiding”, the stealth status is near …

snailImage source: leipzig.degrowth.org/en/

Currently … DeGrowth Conference 2014 – Leipzig
I am writing these lines being on my way to the DeGrowth Conference 2014. I expect a lot of diversity their – in approaches, values and opinions. If there is not intense debate, even on the edge of conflict, then it makes not much sense to have such a conference (with elements of an unconference). 2.500 people attending – that is a bit paradox for a degrowth approach –  but how to handle it? The organisers actually did set this limit of 2.500 – else it would be even bigger.

Update: First livestream from the opening day


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