This site is for you – a blog and a knowledge repository  

    • The site is blog and kind of wiki [in the making], since
      • we all need actuality – to connect to the flow (ongoing events, conversations) – and
      • we need orientation knowledge – i.e. on the one hand overview (to zoom out) and on the other hand in-depth knowledge (to zoom in)
    • The site is intended to connect and support likeminded people in the domain of social foresight and transformational action
    • The site is meant to intentionally bridge the often seperated actors of analysis and activism, the observers and the changemakers
    • It is expected, that cross-pollination, insights and learning are growing from this “bridging” activities

Dynamic roadmap

    • The direction of the platform has changed from time to time, and it is part of the process to let the “About” (vision – mission – values) emerge and adapt during time.
    • As the initiator I first wanted to publish some valuable stuff, so that the invited collaborators get an idea and find out, whether they resonate with it
    • In a next stage a digital ecosystem is built and curation and learning (“peeragogy”) are facilitated

VISION (to be done) 

MISSION (to be done) 

VALUES (to be done) 


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