Action toolkits

Collective Action Toolkit (CAT)

Enabling groups of people to unite and create lasting change.

  • “Part of frog’s commitment to social impact, CAT is a set of activities and methods to enable groups of people anywhere to organize, collaborate, and create solutions for problems impacting their community” (source)
  • Frog is a global innovation firm founded in 1969 – thank you folks of frog for the gift of this kit!
  • Here is the download (registration required): and here is the download without registration:

For more info go to the frog page here


Community Resilience Toolkit 2.0

“The Community Resilience Toolkit 2.0 brings out your best ideas for building resilience where you live, anywhere in the world. Since its launch in October 2012, users have picked it up in 38 states and 23 countries.”

“The Community Resilience Toolkit 2.0 is a collection of online tools to help you understand local impacts of the climate and energy crisis in your region and what you can do about them. The tools are for individuals, community groups, teachers, and municipal planners. They come with easy instructions to facilitate community resilience workshops.”

Find more here soon :-)

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