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The Great Currency Debate – With awesome guests


Google+ hangout was hosted by Caroline Smalley, 14th July, 2014. Living Bridges Planet facilitation team was proud to support with some pointing the event.

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Thank you Caroline for the in depth preperation, mindful moderation. And thank you for the texutal info, that we have copied from your description here:


During this debate, we’ll take a look at the different types of currencies asking our panel what they each mean to them.

1. Time Banking
2. Cryptocurrencies
3. Barter Systems
4. Community Currencies

What are the challenges they seek to address? What are their limitations? How can the limitations be overcome?

What are their common goals and intentions? Will they continue to operate…

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Sharing clout: what happens when children of the Internet + globalisation get elected into office

Also read the great story of how “Generation Hack” created the site in a super short time.
“As the meeting ends, a task force of coders and designers fires up their laptops and goes to work. … – At 8 the next morning, is online.” Collaboration excellence!

A perspective on connected systemic change – Don Tapscott

This blogpost about connecting networks was inspired by Don Tapscott and catched some interest, so I reblog it here.

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Significance: Don Tapscott’s taxonomy of multi-stakeholder networks helps to understand the complex landscape of solution partners in your work as a living bridge.

Context: Huge gathering of geeks
Today I listened to the insights of the wellknown futurist thinker and author Don Tapscott at the Campus Party Europe (#CPeurope), a gathering that happened first time in Berlin, at a huge old airport hangar, attracting thousands of “campuseros” (hackers, developers, gamers and geeks) around Europe. The concept of Campus Party has been created by four friends in Malaga, Spain, which were “united by their passion for new technologies and wanted to create a space where others with the same interests could come together”. The organization started with 250 and “now has offices in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Germany and the United States“. (more). Remind the Margaret Mead quote:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can…

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