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Rethinking schools and learning in the 21st century (2)

Traditional educatinoal institutions under pressure –Why?

The developmental logic is this:

  • (A) The communication infrastructure of the internet plus powerful end devices allows to have learning situations everywhere
  • (B) The motivational factor of learning can be realized with social web logic (co-learning) plus personal tutoring via a learning platform

Result: Instead of sitting rather passively in front of a teacher in a lecture format there are now learning formats available, that are much more engaging and effective. And this is not a hymn to technocentric e-learning systems, but blended, life-long, hybrid, social, deep learning processes. A first haiku diagram about the new synergies waiting to substitute some inefficient institutionalized old school learning settings.

The upwards spiral of co-learning, co-creation and co-working
The upwards spiral of co-learning, co-creation and co-working

Connecting this with the betasalon yesterday: First, of course I do not restrict “coworking” to coworking spaces in the institutional form. But second they are great hubs for local change, breaking boudaries between working, learning, having fun, they are fine candidates for the new learning spaces we need.