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The concept of planet schools. Efficient global change.

Update 2011-07-19: There is a domain for that – and a first mind map of the essential idea.  planetschool.net

planet school – mind map

I just applied the following text at awesomefoundation.org. Under time pressure I could write this in minutes 🙂

M Y _ A P P L I C A T I O N _ T E X T _
( t o _ a w e s o m e f o u n d a t i o n . o r g )


I have been working for the progress of corporates for 16 years. 2009 was a wake-up call for me. UN Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009 demonstrated the “systemic failure” of the political class. The PLANET is used beyond the natural limits. I know that as a foresight expert for years.

We have to thoroughly re-wire and re-educate politics, economy, society. Planet schools will be developed as serious starting points into a sustainable metabolism with the planet.

It is not enough to know and to lament.

There are countless initiatives of change all over the PLANET, great local and global communities and changemakers.

BUT the elite of tomorrow, the leaders in politics and economy are educated “as usual”. The mindset in 10.000 business schools worldwide is Continue reading The concept of planet schools. Efficient global change.