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Foresight Thinking at BetterBeta 2011

Foresight Thinking. Source: http://dthsg.com/3rd-partnerworkshop-foresight-thinking/

It was great pleasure to attend the BETTER BETA | Design Thinking @ HSG in Lüneburg (some time ago, yes). I learned to know new people, passions and methods. Have to add an update later, for now only the hint to the fusion of design thinking and foresight in the Foresight Thinking approach. This method is very important for the social foresight toolbox I want to build here step by step.

More: http://foresight.stanford.edu/methods.html

Foresight thinkers In action at BetterBeta, adjusting a biography of a persona. Source: Willi Schroll

Program of BetterBeta: http://www.slideshare.net/sniggy/better-beta-11