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Media/revolutions – The logic of social connectivity

I just unfolded some thoughts in a forum debate, provoked by some statement of Jón Þór Olafsson from Iceland. Thank you Gabriel Shalom (http://ks12.net/) for your mindfulness and work!

Jón Þór says, that in the context of arab spring etc. the observation is: Facebook  makes possible that everybody knows, that everybody knows, that everybody is discontent. Great! Some points come to mind:

a) power history as media history

  • The printing press brought an explosion in the delivery of knowledge – with literacy as a condition.
  • The blogs and wikis brought an explosion in the delivery of more fine-grained knowledge plus opinion, i.e. evaluative communication
  • Social network activity streams deliver even more finegrained information (including noise). This socially granular informations are implicitely or explicitely evaluative. They can be conceived as implicitely political, insofar as politics is the engagement with the res publica, i.e. shared spaces, practices, social objects. QED

b) Technological connectivity results in the emergence of political connectivity

And this makes Jón Þór’s statement so dramatic – the technological connectivity induces a first order emergent property – social connectivity; the latter then induces political connectivity (aka tele(em)pathy, if you like).

So the transparancy tools make the political buildings and machinations transparent, WikiLeaks or not … The Emperor’s new clothes … This is the catalyst of change we see day by day now.