Who? Why?

Who? Why? – The road to social foresight network

  • My name is Willi Schroll – I am a foresight expert, with professional experience in trend research, scenario building, innovation processes since 1995. Living in Berlin, Germany.
  • Global crisis and foresight
    My main focus has been emerging technology for years. Doing strategic trend research I was of course always involved in understanding the whole environment, how economy, society, politics, technology and ecology are in constant exchange and entanglement. But around 2009 I found too much of a technocratic bias in the field. The incapacity of politics (and actually the science system) to handle the global ecological crisis have become too obvious. This diagnosis then has been confirmed too with the economical crisis, which is still virulent.
  • “Social Wave I”
    At the same time my insight was becoming stronger, that a kind of “social wave” or even tsunami has become very visible. It was evident with the power of web 2.0, which enabled a social-digital connectivity like never before. Social media and huge social networks like Facebook emerged very fast, but also the impactful crowdsourcing sector was growing, changing how we collaborate and (with crowdfunding) even how we finance. Today a kind of collaborative economy is unfolding, actually with the roots going far back to the success of open source and p2p communities.
  • “Social Wave II” 
    To be concise, also my interest in “sociocentric” methodologies to “create the future” was rising, e.g. I practically joined the communities of design thinking, art of hosting, Social Capital Theory, co-working and the global maker community. This Social Wave II is more about a mindset and practices, and is not so much dependent on digital platforms or enablers, though they often perfectly fit together.
  • Embracing the social hairball
    Complex entanglement of all this trends, innovations, methodologies and solution concepts … Of course I am not alone, with some googling I have found a likeminded foresight guy, Richard Slaughter (Australian Foresight Institute). As a fact I have started this site with Social Wave I + II in mind, especially with the growing and transformational interference of socio- and techsphere. And actually I did not care much about the “social worldview” as an academic position, I perceived it to be too much in the proximity of intra-academical and political discourse. But I finally realized, that I have to connect to Richard Slaughter (about), since I am in convergence a lot with his thoughts – and of course there is the term “social foresight”, that he has been coining before me in a specific manner. (foresightinternational.com.au/what-social-foresight)

Contact me for feedback, contributions and collaboration: linkedin.com/in/willischroll, facebook.com/wschroll,  xing.com/profile/Willi_Schrolltwitter.com/wschroll (my professional website as a foresight expert will be relaunched soon, here is the old one in German: strategiclabs.de

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A group on FB and Linkedin will follow in some time too.


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